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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

S and V, the two most frightening letters in television.

One of the things I love most about the web is the kind of stream of consciousness research it allows. Stream of consciousness is about the only way I can describe arriving at one of the strangest things I've ever learned on the web or anywhere else, I guess. That being that apparently some TV studio corporate logos give children nightmares.

I *think* I got to this from reading Platypus Comix which I originally got to through a comics blog mentioning they did a feature on worst cartoons ever. Somewhere on that site I find an article about the "S from hell". (Note: Platypus Comix is html hell. I can't find the same page I looked at yesterday, but the link I Googled is the exact same article.) I figured this was just a goof, as much of that site is taking the piss out of stuff. For some reason, I actually looked up "S from Hell" and discovered way too many references to it (even an Urban Dictionary listing and Wikipedia entry) as well as it's partner in crime the "V of doom!" Not only that, I also discovered an entire site describing various company logos through the years along with their scare factor!!! (Link)

I still can't help but feel this is some kind of "all your base" type internet joke. However, me being the sadist that I am, I'd like to present to you exhibit a and b so you may judge for your self. Please have a change of clean underwear handy.


OK, so the animation is crude, but we're talking 1965 here. Personally, I dig the electronic theme that is apparently the kick start to many a childhood nightmare. In fact, I'd like to know more about what manner of electronic instrument or treatment we're hearing here. The whole thing makes me think of the Monkees, which is where I first saw it plus the font is the same one you see on their record labels. Color me unimpressed with the S from Hell.


Serious aficionados would like you to know that not only did the V appear in color but black and white (as seen during Andy Griffith reruns) as well. There are also film and videotape versions as well as a rare version using the music from the previous Viacom logo. Again, synth tune (though more "Trans Europe Express," less "Space Odyssey" than our friend S from Hell) although this time backed up with some manic tympani. Looks like chroma key animation to me and for that reason it reminds me of Electric Company. Again, I'm scratching my head.

The funny thing is, as a child, I was a freak for these things and I'd get really annoyed with a show if the ending was cut off. I'd also insist on watching credits, opening and closing, of any film all the way through or else the viewing was worthless to me. To this day, I haven't the slightest idea why except that I probably missed my true calling in life (industrial design) because I've always had an eye for corporate logos.

My wrist is starting to give out (I'm recovering from surgery) but there's a bunch of corporate TV logos I have some positive connotations with that I'd like to touch on in a future post.

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