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Friday, April 14, 2006

Records. The "I can't program my VCR" reference of the Oughts.

Is it possible that anyone not in diapers doesn't know what a record is? The reason I ask this is this morning on one of the local TV programs, the host did the old "back in my day we listened to big black discs called records" bit when talking about something mp3 related. Come on. Is that really necessary?

This seems to me to be the current, most hackneyed "modern technology is so wacky" sort of reference anyone can make. Add to that the fact that it's completely unnecessary to mention records when talking about mp3s because I think everyone over the legal drinking age with a platform to talk about such things brings it up anytime someone mentions iPods. I don't see any way anyone who wasn't around when you could easily purchase records at any store that sold music could not know what they are.

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