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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rhymefest on cover of INtake

I know a lot of the local music folk are focused on Margot & the Nuclear So-and-So's trainspotting (nothing wrong with that,) but here's a nice cover article for Rhymefest aka the man who gives me "I played with a Grammy winner" bragging rights. I'm glad to see the album is finally coming out. Rhymefest is a nice and talented guy. I do hope Sharon Jones got paid for the sample Kanye took for "Brand New" though. I heard that song all over town when it dropped and I just couldn't help wish that Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings could get a little bit of that exposure. posters should breathe easier that the INtake article links Rhymefest with Indianapolis, even though dude is from Chicago. Personally, I don't see why not mentioning Indy in the same sentence as Rhymefest should matter but it seems to get a lot of people up in arms. As Fest says in the article "I am from Chicago, and I live in Indianapolis, and until Bart Peterson makes me an honorary citizen, or gives me the key to the city, that's what it is." Seems a pretty resonable way to look at it to me.

Though he's hasn't been around too much lately, the thing I've liked most about having him around is he did a lot to bridge the gap between the hip hop and rock crowds. I saw Rhymefest at rock shows, I saw him perform with rock bands. One of the most awesome musical things I've ever seen was him bringing Rev. Payton & the Big Damn Band and Otis Gibbs on stage with him when he played our "Live from the Free Zone" benefit show.

And even though he wasn't really a Hoosier, that guy did a lot more for unity in the music scene than a lot of people who go around constantly bemoaning the lack of same. He always seemed to me to have an honest interest in what was going on and just a love for music and performing that was infectious.

Anyway, I wish him the best of luck and I'm sure he'll do fine. Check out the article, it's a pretty good read. I was really hoping to find the hilarous video for "Jackin'" somewhere on the web to stick in here, but no dice.

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