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Monday, July 17, 2006

Killdozer, I had your number.

I'm sad to say, I was completely right guessing Killdozer wasn't going to live up to what I'd made it to be in my head.

I mean, don't get me wrong. It was worth a watch, I guess. There were many scenes my men running from a HUGE bulldozer with no one driving it. That was kind of funny. The menacing headlights were always a chuckle.

Mostly though, what interested me most about Killdozer, or my copy of it anyway, was how poor television used to look. To be fair, I have no idea what the lineage of my DVD-R is, but it clearly starts with a broadcast on a CBS station as their legal ID pops up on screen about 2/3 the way through. Since the show originally broadcast on ABC, it's a rebroadcast.

It's also obviously from back in the day when TV stations still ran shows off 16mm film (or they were running a tape telecined from a 16mm print.) There's two reels with some serious hair in the frame problems. (One late reel looks like a fricking tribble is climbing up the side of the screen for the entire reel.) And that's not even mentioning how worn out the print looks to begin with. Scratches, cuts and washed out colors.

Anyway, so Killdozer. Yeah. I'd say stick with the band of the same name if you want maximum entertainment.

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