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Friday, July 28, 2006

Free Zone News

Alright, a lot of stuff is changing on the old Free Zone, so listen up. There will be a quiz, so take notes.

First off, the time and place are still the same. That's 88.7 FM and Friday and Saturday, midnight to 3AM, in case you forgot. As the core, the show is going to stay the same mix of all over the map music (underground rock, hip hop, funk, reggae, electronic, avant, etc., etc.) and random ramblings as it always was.

The biggest change is in the hosts. As you may or may not know, Chandler is leaving for New York in a few weeks. I'm pleased to announce that Tim D. is returning to the show. Tim was one of the guys who started the show in the first place and is an all around great guy with excellent musical tastes. He's going to head up Saturday nights, I'll be your captain Friday.

Tim's going to bring his own flavor to Saturday nights (kind of gamey, with a hint of patchouli) and from talking to him, he's told me he wants to put more of a local spin on Saturdays. The idea is to get more quality Indy bands on the radio, and I think that's a good thing.

So, in the coming weeks, Tim will probably be asking for music from local bands. Sending something in is no guarantee it's going to get played, but over the years Tim has shown himself to be a big supporter of local music and the kind of person to give everyone a fair listen. Just a heads up, don't start flooding us with CDs now, but know the call is coming.

I had a lot of people email me about when we were going to have bands playing live on the show again. At this point, I still have to say I don't know. The problem is, we have new digs and the new air studio is smaller than the old one. There is going to be a production studio large enough to comfortably hold a band, but it's still being built. Everyone involved would like to start doing the live from the Free Zone sessions again, but at the moment, we can't. We may be able to do some location recordings, but that's an idea Tim and I have to kick around a bit.

Also, about the web site. Yeah, it hasn't been updated since January basically because both Chandler and I have been too dang busy to do it. I still keep play lists, so if you really have to know what was played on a certain night, email me and hopefully I can help you out. I have a plan to make website updates a more regular and less painful thing. Hopefully this will be implemented soon.

OK, I think that covers everything. Tonight, tune in and hear me, Chandler and Tim D., together again for the last time in a while. (I think this is going to be Chandler's last show until he comes back to visit.) The next couple of weeks are going to be transition, but hopefully when the dust clears, the show is just going to keep getting better and better.

Thanks for your patience and continued listenership.

Rob G.


Jim said...

Any plans to do a podcast? I'd love to listen to you guys live, but alas, it's past my bedtime.:)

Rob G. said...

We actually discussed this at a recent meeting with station management. Chandler talked about doing something on his own from New York. As for the Free Zone, I'd love to. The station is not too keen on it though. There's also the logistics of using copywrited music and the fact that the show is six hours a week.

Still, it's possible something might happen on this in the future. Priority number one for me is getting the damn website up to date and useable again. :)