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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I lose my geek license.

Right. So check out these crappy PDA camera pics of what I passed on yesterday at Value Village:

Nutty, eh? Someone finally decided to clear all their old Sierra games out. It was kind of cool seeing some of that stuff again. Back then, games came on multiple discs, the newer ones had both 5.25" and 3.5" in there. And you always got maps, and various stuff like that to enhance the game experience.

Several of these were still sealed. Maybe someone got 'em on clearance or maybe they worked at Sierra. (Or maybe they just didn't like Leisure Suit Larry.)

I almost bought Silpheed, just because I'm still kinda sorta collecting shmups that aren't arcade boards, but I'm trying to clear clutter out of my life, not put more in.

Speaking of geekery, you know you're a geek if you can identify why this arcade game made me chuckle:


Anonymous said... guess is that it's either the thought of racing for soothing hemmhoroid relief or that this game seems to run on Linux...I give up.

Rob G. said...

Oh man, a squash the hemmhoroid game would be sweeeet, but it's the Linux thing. Specifically, the fact that this is the free Linux game in the OS. It'd be like Minesweeper, the Arcade Game. :0