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Friday, September 15, 2006

Review: 42nd Street Forever (Synapse)

Here's another DVD review for you, though this one is going to be less in depth. It might seem peculiar to watch a DVD of nothing but trailers, but when it comes to exploitation films, often times the trailers are more interesting than the movies themselves. Synapse offers up over two hours of trailer insanity from the kind of movies that played the grindhouse theaters back in the legendary days of New York's 42nd street. I think of this disc as a companion piece to the book Sleezoid Express, which, if you haven't read it, gives a first hand account of the vibe of 42nd street in the 70s and 80s.

The trailers on this disc range from violent Italian action to 3D Porn to kaiju to blacksploitation. I'm kind of surprised there's no cannibal/zombie flicks represented, but regardless, there's still something here to offend everyone.

Every movie on this collection seems to have one mission; to be the most extreme example of whatever genre it is. It's really amazing to see how daring cinema was in the 70s (even if at times it was totally tasteless) compared to now. It's also completely amazing to me to know there was a film called "Boss Nigger" (Fred Williamson, have you no shame???)

In this day and age, about the best these pictures could hope for would be cable TV, so it's also kind of mind blowing to know these movies actually were shown in a theater. Granted, the theaters these films ran in generally had a lot of, umm, non-movie related activities going on. But still, once upon a time, you could pass a marquee and read "I Dismember Mama" or "They Call Her One Eye".

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