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Monday, June 30, 2008

General Cinemas Eastgate

Shot some pictures at what is left of Eastgate Consumer Mall today. The six screen GC still stands in the out lot and one of the emergency exits was open so I managed to get a couple of shots in one of the auditoriums. However, not feeling like stumbling around in a pitch black abandoned movie theater with air so dusty it set off my allergies almost instantly, there's just a couple of quick shots. Maybe some other day I'll brave the elements and go back with a flashlight (and risk getting pinched for trespassing, I guess.)

Anyway, the shots are here. They're not fantastic and they're all pretty self explanatory. You can see all the dust that got on my lens just from opening the door. For the good of the order, here's shots around Eastgate itself. There's some demo work going on and sadly everything is boarded up. I wish I could have gotten up the main stairs, but I was too late for that.


Lifeline Data Centers, LLC said...

The demolition work is being performed by the new owner, Lifeline Data Centers. Lifeline will open the first section of computer room facilities in November of this year. The Burlington Coat factory building is the location for the first space. The rest of the mall will be refit as office and staging space. After that, Lifeline will build four free standing buildings to house more data center space. See for more info.

Rob G. said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to see something finally going in there and wish you the best of luck! (That side of town could use the development badly.)