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Friday, September 28, 2007

Never thought I'd see this...

Yongary, in correct aspect ratio, truly remastered! The only thing missing is the Korean language track, which is apparently lost for good, sadly enough.

Warching through this, my original review stands. (You can read it here: linkie.)

The weird thing is, in widescreen, the effects look even cheesier, the whole thing looks cheaper and the bleeding rectum death scene, even more disturbing. Still I think you can safely throw away your Alpha DVDs of this film.

(BTW, the flip side, Konga, is a British King Kong rip off that I still think sucks even if it does star Alfred from the Batman TV series as the heavy. This appears to be the exact same as the previously released DVD, even down to th non-anamorphic 1.66 transfer.)

1 comment:

Kevin P. said...

I have this coming in the mail next week - I can't agree with you enough about KONGA. . . a truly terrible film in nearly every respect.

As for YONGARY, I look forward to doing a new review of it - I find it more amusing a film now than I did a few years ago, though it's still just as inept as always.