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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I rocked Lincoln Center last night...

without ever leaving Indianapolis. In fact, I was home with a stomach cramp. Heck, I didn't even know I was killing 'em in Wynton's house.

Insert my rock here.

Ok, I may be stretching things a hair, but a crowd of people did hear me play drums at Lincoln Center last night. And I'm coming soon to a TV near you...assuming you have Showtime.

My friend and long time musical collaborator (man, it feels pretentious to say that) Jon Autry managed to get six of his songs in the new This American Life show Showtime is doing. In fact, they liked his music so much, the only other person to have so much in the show was Mark Mothersbaugh, who Jon is likely to get to meet, lucky dog.

Anyway, he hadn't heard what or how they were using the tracks prior to the show's debut party at Lincoln Center last night. As he describe it to me, at the climactic moment of one of the stories they showed, there's my drums, rocking it out balls to the wall.

Kind of funny some track we recorded four, five years ago in the living room of the place he was living is going to be on a cable TV show. I'm pretty stoked to see this.

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