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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If I seem a little busy...

this is why.

It's going to be our last show with bassist #4 (or 5?) Carrie Sloo. Apparently Californie is the place she ought to be.

We're coming down to "cram time" as It's getting close to show time and due to a multitude of reasons, we haven't had the practice time we usually get. Our last show was several notches less than good and I don't think any of us would like to replicate that.

So, if the reviews and rants seem to have dried up for a while, I'm probably behind the drums.

And if you're in Indy next Friday, stop by and say hi.


Tony Reitz said...

1. joe howard
2. annie (doesn't really count, never practiced)
3. philip williams
4. mike contreras
5. carrie sloo

I thought there was more than that. Crazy.

Rob G. said...

I thought there was another one also. Huh.