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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shibuya and the rest of Kyoto

Well, again, I'm pretty exhausted, but I'll try to wrap up the last couple of days. Kyoto was amazing. We saw a ton of shrines and whatnot. Unfortunately, what I think was the best one didn't allow us to take pictures. When you're in a room with 1001 hand carved, full sized Buddha statues, it's almst overwhelming.

One thing almost all these places we visited had in common is that the sites had been destroyed by fire and completely rebuilt. Usually, they were still many hundred years old. The statues I was mentioning dated back to the 12th and 13th century. Crazy stuff.

We also took in a brief cultural presentation, kind of a greatest hits of Japanese culture, if you will. It ended with a tea ceremony and that was neat.

Today we were in Shibuya, which is a shopping/fashion district. Lots of great people watching. However, if you're 6'3" and 300 pounds, you're out of luck as far as clothes shopping goes. Too bad, as they're some really funky threads here. I couldn't even find a hat to fit my noggin, and I don't have an especially large head. I think.

So, I did some toy and CD shopping again. That was pretty groovy. I'll have some pictures around eventually.

Speaing of pictures, it's ironic in a country so associated with cameras and the stereotypical Japanese tourist with a dozen cameras hanging around his neck that we've been told no pictures in so many places. Do as I say, not as I do?

Anyway, that's it in short. I need to hit the sack here as we're getting up early tomorrow to hit the fish market.

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You have head like beeg, beeg blowfish, round eye!