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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gonna make you Pocari Sweat 'till You Bleed


Mmmmm...sweaty. I'm somewhat relieved to report the famous Pocari Sweat does not taste like squeezed Asian man, but tastes kind of like lemon lime Gatorade.

Today was fairly low key. We'd planned on hunkering down for the typhoon, but it missed us. Regardless, we didn't do a lot today. A trip to the hotel spa was the big event. However, tomorrow we are going on to Kyoto for a few days, so we had to buy train tickets today. Looking forward to traveling on the bullet train.

Here's a couple of snaps from the train station near the Conrad:



CHOO-CHOO!!!! Here comes the train!!!


Saw this weird little bag in the train station. The family was coming back from Tokyo Disneyland. Seriously.


Here's another quirky piece of Engrish from the convenience store where we bought the beverages I showed you earlier. Note: this store was playing Guru when we were in there last, so I'll forgive them their weird slogans.


As we're walking back from our little venture, I noticed a rack of DVDs in front of a newsstand. A closer inspection revealed I'd stumbled onto the Japanese equivalent of the dollar store DVDs I'd been so enamored with a while ago. But, rather than a bunch of obscure Japanese movies I'd never heard of (which I really would have preferred), I found the selection to be rather familiar.


The top row there is all the classic Charlie Chaplin films. The second, every Disney feature up to Dumbo.


The racks were filled with pretty much every important US film up to about 1950. The only omission I found was Wizard of Oz, but you name it, you could find nearly anything else. (Note 500 yen is a little more than $4 US.)

Another little book store, another rack of DVDs. This one had a little more color anyway.


Who the heck is Mike Mizno? And what's he got to do with pirated DVDs of US films?


Really? I know nothing about Japanese copyright, but wow.


Is this revenge for all the pirated US Gamera and Street Fighter discs? Totally weird and maybe I'll bite the bullet on a disc or two just to see what the deal is.

Speaking of Gamera, ho-boy, I shouldn't have left him and Godzilla alone in the room because this is what I walked in on:


Hey you guys. What are you up to?


GODZILLA! You put that little tree thing down, right this instance!


*sigh* That wasn't what I meant.

Jet Jaguar was busy running up a bill with the adult pay per view, but I won't bore you with pictures of that. (Really ugly, trust me.)

Well, that's all I got for today. Bed is calling so according to the pink duck thing, this blog is officially closed for the night.



Ryan said...

I've actually had that stuff before - got it at a party here in Indy. I'd add "slightly watered-down" to your description, but I pray it wasn't sweat that caused that.

Joel Reed Parker said...

Hah! I just drank some Pocari Sweat this morning. It was great to hear the 5 year old say, "mmmm, this sweat tastes great!"

Also, please buy me something.