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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pictures from Blister.

One of the stores we went in yesterday was this "character shop" called Blister. (You can find them at This place was pretty amazing, wall to ceiling vinyl figures, Kubricks, bobble heads, model I've never seen anything quite like it.

I got a rather terse "no photo" but I managed to fire off a few ones before then:


Here's some Terminator, Land of the Dead, Friday the 13th and Die Hard stuff. They also had a life size T2 statue which was unbelievable.


Some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. That movie must be huge here as there's a ton of toys everywhere.


More Nightmare.


Star Trek with some Street Fighter II.


Lots of these bear Kubricks. (Can't remember the name of them.)


Bobble heads. Jerry Only, Pedro and the Man, Buddy Holly and Maxwell Smart.


Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury, together at last! (I was tempted by the Live Aid Freddie, for reasons I don't quite understand.)


Oops. I was trying to get the silly Master of Puppets diorama, but missed it.


Spiderman, some red dude and Mickey Mouse smashing a guitar. They actually have some cool Mickey stuff here, including some Rat Fink-esgue Mickeys.


This was the point where I started having sensory overload.


Keep in mind, this is only the top floor, though I don't remember if we bought anything on street level.


I think this was the exact moment I was told "no photo" and thus ends our trip to Blister.

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Distractedly Yours said...

Talk about sensory overload, indeed. I think my head just exploded.