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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Free Movie: War of the Monsters

Thanks to my buddy at WTF-films, here's something kind of neat for you. It's the AIP-TV dub of Gamera vs. Baraugon in widescreen! Enjoy! (And take a shot each time they mispronounce Gamera.)


Anonymous said...

Just a couple of notes on this - the aspect ratio isn't quite right here as AGK cropped the video a bit when I re-encoded it. Also, the opening credits are ripe with errors - all of them have been carried over from the opening credits of the AIP TV print for the sake of authenticity. Anywho, enjoy!

Butchie said...

That fucking rules.


Butchie said...


Butchie said...

BOTP Ep.27 (3/3)