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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Best Musician Wanted Ad Ever.

Guitarists...if you are not Eddie Van Halen, think music died about 1976, have more vintage gear than a top name studio, are willing to learn 30 covers and practice several times during working hours (but have a steady financial situation,) have a willingness to be completely pushed around but are ready to make $100, possibly more, a week, have I got the gig for you.

Looks like he might take a drummer too but, just my luck, dude only plays a Hammond A-100. I can't get with anything less than a B-3. Pitty...I was so looking forward to rocking some Dave Mason in Kokomo Indiana.

UPDATE: well, he pulled down the ad, but thanks to the magic of Google Cache, IT LIVES!!!!


Anonymous said...

And the inspiration for is born...

Butchie said...

That's a lot of dedication required for a $50 a week gig.