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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First post

Howdy. Welcome to my new blog. My name is Rob G. and I figure I throw a little of me out here because you probably have no idea who I am.

Well, I'm from Indianapolis, I play in a band called Svetlana and I co-host a radio show called The Free Zone. I've also done some freelance writing for Nuvo Newsweekly, though it's been a while.

The main things that make my life more enjoyable are music, movies and videogames. My tastes in all three tend to be a bit left of center. Probably most of what I'll be writing about here will deal with those three things, though I also follow politics (also a bit left of center,) soicial issues and local stuff, so expect a bit of that and probably a skonch of personal stuff as well.

So, that's Calcinator Death Ray, in a nutshell. And, in case you are interested, the title comes from Phil Tucker's immortal film "Robot Monster" and is also a tribute to my friend Koven Smith's band Monster Zero Orchestra who do a killer song of the same name. If you haven't checked out either, trust me, you're missing out.

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