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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where's Robo?

I suppose I've hit that middle slump everyone who starts a blog must hit. That is, after an initial flurry of posts, posting slows to a trickle, when the blogger can be bothered to post at all. This is usually followed by abandonment of blog which then usually becomes overrun with comments like this:

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I actually have a legit excuse or five. Well, I think they are legit anyway. So, here goes:

First off, my apartement is almost unliveable. It's hot as satan's ass in there and it looks like the inside of a thirft store (see any of my previous "thrift score" posts for possible reasons why, at least for the second part.) So, I'm in the middle of purging stuff like a squad of cheerleaders the day before prom.

Right now, most of my living room looks like a loading dock. There's stuff packed up waiting for payment, there's packing material stacked up all around, there's stuff waiting to go back to the thrifts, etc., etc., etc. A lot of my spare time is being spent on eBay when I'm not sorting through stuff, trying to decide what to keep and what to lose.

I also decided, since I'm going through all this junk anyway, now would be a good time to catalog everything. I sprung for some software which is making life a lot better. Still, it's not an entirely easy process and it's pretty damn time consuming.

In the process of doing this, I realize I've either lent out or lost my favorite Miles Davis CD; a Japanese import with is going to set me back $50+ to replace. I am not happy about that one bit. However, I'm suprized that's all that's come up missing. Somehow, I've managed to keep all this stuff straight in my head for years. I have no idea how that one got away.

The records are going to be a real bitch to catalog. Everything else I can scan the barcode, which for about 65-70% of my CDs covers it. Most of my records are pre-UPC and that project is going to involve a lot of manual entry. Anyone wanna be my intern?

Where was I?

OK, there's all that and I'm spending most of my evenings eBaying stuff or scanning barcodes, sitting in my drawers, sweating my balls off. If I'd been blogging the past few weeks, pretty much every entry would read just like that.

Other than that, things have been ok. Really, I just haven't had much to say. I told you all about the Free Zone changeover, I mentioned Svetlana's show (we got blown off the stage, btw,) and I haven't been thrifting much lately as I'm trying to get stuff out. Umm...really that's about it. Hope you all have been well and in a few weeks I plan to be back on track and have some more interesting things to say.

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