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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I've been on another YouTube posting bender. If you're into stupid commercials from the 80s, I'd recommend you check me out.


Anonymous said...

I thumbed through your YouTube offerings and let me give you an offering of my own:

To answer your question: Yes! There are still Rax Restaurants! The only reason I researched it any further is because I saw one advertised either on the PA or NJ turnpike recently (sorry, I can't remember which).

According to Wiki there are still some in Indiana...better get busy finding some of those great Rax sandwiches (before the rest of them turn into Fazoli's too).

Butchie said...

Rob- I posted some retro video stuff you will like. Fuck Rax.

stAllio! said...

if you can locate and upload some old don's guns commercials, your legacy will be assured.