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Friday, January 02, 2009

Now I'll have an Excuse for the Infrequent Updates

2008 was not one of my better blogging years. Mostly this is because I wasn't at a job where I was in front of a computer all day, watching crappy movies on the sly. (Nothing quite like viewing a sleezy exploitation film on the clock.) Well, at least for the next couple of months of 2009, I'll have a better excuse for being so lazy.

I'm heading off tomorrow for the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe Ohio. Basically, I'm following through on a long time promise to myself to learn how to be a recording engineer. Though part of me worries I've picked the wrong time to embark on such an endeavor, I don't know when or if there really will be a better time.

So, that's where I'll be until the end of February. I'll still be back in Indy from time to time, but I don't know yet how often. Obviously, I'll have the laptop with me, so if I get a chance to throw up a blog, I will.

But yeah, so happy new year everyone and wish me luck. And if anyone has some recording gig they need filled after February, let me know. I'll be ready to get it on.


Candice said...

Good luck! I hope you learn all that you seek. And more importantly, have fun!

brianwyrick said...

You said "Throw up a blog."