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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Guilala Gets a Job

Kevin at WTF films linked this and I had to repost it. You may remember Guilala from The X From Outer Space. Seems he has a new gig:

Clever little ad. Kudos to whoever made it for using real kaiju instead of creating a generic one. (Of course, if memory serves, there's a remake of X From Outer Space in the works, so perhaps this wasn't that much of a stretch.)


Kevin P. said...

Hi Rob,

The spoof sequel to the film has actually already been released (at least in Japan) - the suit used in the commercial looks to be the same constructed for it.

rotheblo said...

Very funny...would have never even come close to have finding this if I hadn't seen it this morning on your blog.

Wanna do some reciprocal linking?