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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I've been up to

I haven't abandoned ship here. I'm in the middle of moving. Above is about 75% of my CD collection. I haven't even touched the vinyl yet and frankly I'm scared to start.

Other than that, I've been busy with stuff. Svetlana finally recorded so hopefully we will have some sort of music available on the soon side. We've also played a record two shows in a month, so we're all pretty beat.

I've been enjoying unemployment, but I haven't really had too much time to catch up on the movie watching or music listening. I did get the Joe Henderson Milestone Box Set which has been completely rocking my world. This is some of the best mainstream jazz of the early 70s, to be sure. Highly underrated stuff.

I've also rediscovered my love of the Hammond B3 and all who play it. Specifically, I've been digging the recordings of Groove Holmes, Jack McDuff and Jimmy McGriff. Luckily for me, a lot of that stuff is available through eMusic so I'm not adding to the mountain of boxes above. I highly recommend Groove Holmes' On Basie's Bandstand and Jimmy McGriff's Groove Grease, if you have the chance to hear them.

(Yes, I know I did just throw a ton of Amazon Associate links at you. Sue me for trying to make a buck. I'm unemployed now, you know.)

Seriously though, firing up a bunch of ripping B3 discs has been about all that's keeping me going for packing all this stuff. I've lived in this place about 7 years and it shows.

OK, one more link, but it's another honest to Koresh recommendation. This Roma Violenta compilation of tracks from Italian cop movies of the 70s. (Think Dirty Harry but nastier.) This is some of the best driving music I've come across in a while. I wish I still had my Charger because this would be the soundtrack album. Another thing I'm thankful for eMusic for.

(While I'm whoring, if anyone wants 50 free eMusic downloads, shoot me your email. I feel dirty now.)

Enough of all that. I'm tired and I got another day of packing ahead. Just wanted to let you all know why you probably aren't going to hear much from me for a little while.



Butchie said...

Moving is gay.

Joel Reed Parker said...

you need to get back on the AIM. i'm bored at the work.