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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Obnoxious Day.

Man, I'm really starting to understand why people choose emulation over the real things when it comes to video games.

Longtime readers may recall that a few years ago I built a Supergun so I could play arcade games on the TV at home. Since moving, I hadn't had a chance to set anything up, but having a day off from work, today seemed like a good day to make it happen.

I get everything downstairs to my game room and set up. I plug in my Ibara board, and the sound crackles and goes out. At first I'm thinking I'd just blown the amp on a $300+ board. Great. So I plug in another one, same thing. No way I could have blown two boards.

Long story short, I'm under the hood now, pulling wires, switching speakers, doing everything I can think of. Nothing. No sound.

For some reason, I decide to try yet another board. Not only do I get no sound, the video is completely jacked. Switch back to one of the other boards and the video is fine. Well, just great.

In the end, I spent about two hours messing around. I never did play anything and discovered that something is wrong with my Supergun that I couldn't figure out and that I have a Taito F3 motherboard that is putting out bad video for a reason I can't determine. Everything was working perfectly last time and now everything is messed up.

Plus my Neo Geo is MIA. I know it's here somewhere, but since the move, I haven't the foggiest idea where.

The sad part is, all the while my computer was sitting right next to me. I could have just hopped on it, fired up MAME and played all afternoon. Maybe next time I shoudl do just that.

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